Green Infrastructure Project Report Now Up

24 07 2012

The GI project I completed for the City of Athens, Ohio is now up in the sample works section. It can also be accessed from this link:


Green Infrastructure Retrofit Project Maps Are Up!

13 04 2012

Hey everyone, I’ve added some maps I’ve created for my GI/LID retrofit project in Athens, OH. They’re in the maps and graphics section…take a look!

– K

Maps and Graphics

28 02 2012

Hey everyone, I’ve added some maps and graphics samples that I have created. The last map was made using Google Maps where I located permitted NPDES discharges on the Ohio River. The map is an excerpt from a guide that I created. If you are interested in seeing the entire guide, I would be happy to get that to you.



This song pretty much sums it up!

16 02 2012

Some Green Infrastructure/LID Videos

13 02 2012









New Stuff

13 02 2012

I’ve added some literature on green infrastructure and LID. This is research I have done for my Master’s project. Take a look, and thanks for visiting my site!





12 02 2012


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